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Henry Purcell – ‘Music for a While’


Purcell’s beautiful ‘Music for a While’ was written for Dryden’s 1679 play Oedipus.

This album of harpsichord accompaniment tracks includes the following versions:

Soprano (C minor, original key): A=415, A=440

Mezzo soprano (G minor): A=415 and A=440

Contralto (F minor): A=415 and A=440


Giving a total of 6 different pitch options.


For each pitch there are the following tempo versions.

Slow (crotchet = 38)

Medium (crotchet = 44)

Fast (crotchet = 50)

Super-fast (crotchet = 55)


Total tracks: 24.

Backing Track: Purcell – ‘Music for a While’

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