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Henry Purcell – ‘Sweeter than Roses’


Sweeter than Roses is Purcell at his best. One of the last pieces he wrote, it was intended as an incidental song in Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country, a tragedy first performed at Drury Lane in 1696.


This album of harpsichord accompaniment tracks includes the following versions:


Pitch choices:

High voice (C minor, original key): A=415, A=440

Medium voice (A minor): A=415 and A=440

Low voice (G minor): A=415


Tempo choices (first and second sections):

Slow – slow

Slow – medium

Medium – medium

Medium – fast

Fast – medium

Fast – Fast



Total tracks: 24


Backing Track: Purcell – ‘Sweeter than Roses’

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