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Sonata no. 21  only. For the complete set of Leoni Sonatas, click here.


Leoni Pick & Mix.

Choose any 4 individual Leoni violin sonatas for £6 (add promo code 'Leoni' in the My Basket area before checkout). 


These 31 sonatas are in written in a pleasing style which challenge the player and delight the audience. They are an interesting addition to the 17th century violin repertory, bridging the gap between the virtuosic works of Castello and Merula. 


Sonate di violino a voce sola libro primo, op. 3, 1652.


Edition and Continuo Realisation by Martin Perkins


Scoring: Violin and continuo 

Contents: Full score (violin and continuo) - 3pp; violin - 2pp, violin and continuo realisation - 4pp. 10 pages total.

Work duration: 6

Catalogue number: CK0096-21


Click here for a YouTube video of Sonata 1

Leoni - Violin Sonata 21 - Digital Download

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