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John Weldon's Blessed by the Lord my Strength is a solo anthem for voice and continuo. This critical performing edition comes with three transposed versions to suit lower voice-types.

Digital Download.

Weldon - Blessed be the Lord my Strength. Digital Download.

  • Scoring: Solo tenor or soprano, continuo (organ or harpsichord, cello). 

    The range of the voice part is D4-A5 (d'-a"). In the present edition, three additional versions of the work are given:

    Version 1 – F major: C4-G5 (c'-g'') suitable for tenor/soprano

    Version 2 – D major: A3-E5 (a'-e'') suitable for mezzo soprano / alto

    Version 3 – D major: A2-E4 (a-e') suitable for bass

    Contents: Full score, voice and keyboard realisation; original and 3 versions


    Total pages: 68

    File size: 4  MB

    Work duration: 5'


    Catalogue number: CK0061


    ISMN: 9790708170600

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